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The land surrounding Facowie Lodge is bountiful with many different varieties of game for the hunting enthusiast. The primary hunting adventures would include: the ruffed grouse, Black Bear, moose, a full array of ducks, many types of small game, and the obvious, the white tailed deer. The scenic beauty surrounding the hunt of choice will completely enhance your hunting experience up in this wilderness land of treasures. 






Fishing (back to top)


The fishing adventures that surround Facowie Lodge are limitless. There are a vast amount of lakes along with countless rivers in close proximity. Almost every species of fish that are known to Minnesota can be found up in this area to gratify all fishermen.


While Kabuftasa Lake is only accessible by a canoe, the other surrounding lakes make great adventures for daytime trips. One of the larger lakes in the area, Crane Lake, is approximately 8 miles from Facowie Lodge. Crane Lake is a very large body of water at over 26,000 acres and is hooked into a chain of lakes that goes all the way along the border to International Falls. These other large bodies of water include Sandpoint, Namican, Kabetogoma and Rainy. It one of the most beautiful adventures one can take in Minnesota and the routes are carefully marked with buoys that connect all the waterways. All of these lakes are very well known for walleyes, northerns, lake trout, and even sturgeon. There is docking available at Handbergs Marine on Crane Lake, and is right next to the public access.


There are many other smaller and larger lakes throughout the area that have great public accesses. Echo Lake is less than two miles from FacowieLodge and has a nice free public access. Echo is a beautiful cigar shaped lake with many species of fish in it. All of these lakes listed have public accesses and are with in a half hour drive or so to Facowie Lodge.

Minesota Lakes



Snowmobile Adventures (back to top)


Facowie Lodge is situated in Voyageurs National Park and is one of the most scenic and beautiful snowmobile adventures you will ever have. You will find hundreds of miles of perfectly groomed snowmobile trails and is termed: "The undiscovered Yellowstone". There are many trails that interlink into the Arrowhead Trail and have countless marked trails on the large border lakes.

The best fact is that one of the main trails crosses Facowie Lodge property so you can leave the lodge and be instantly discovering this wilderness. The trail blazes thru thousands of acres of wilderness and no farm fields to deal with, ditches to ride in, roads to continually jump and it will be one your most unique and pleasurable riding experiences.


•  Trail conditions for Crane Lake area is

Copy of the Voyager's National Park snowmobile map




Use of land (back to top)


There are literally thousands of acres of land that is open for hunting surrounding Facowie Lodge. The majority of the land is owned by federal, state and local paper milling companies. The forest is fairly dense and is covered with hills and valleys, ravines, and wetland areas throughout the entire region. You can once again refer to: to get a birds eye view of this great region. A topographical map will indeed give you a clear picture of the type of terrain that is available to the hunters.


The vast land surrounding Facowie Lodge, certainly provides ample opportunity for exploring the surrounding land to search out suitable hunting areas. The white tailed deer hunt, which is the first full two weeks of November, is one of the most popular hunting periods in the fall. It is highly advisable to do some pre season scouting prior to the deer hunt. There are also county plat books available outlining all the different territories and the ownership available. Please respect the small number of posted areas. There is plenty land available for everyone and you will not be restricted to a small 10 acre parcel, as many people are accustomed to. Your deer hunting adventure could take you back many miles and hundreds of acres to find that ultimate deep woods big buck.







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