Area Businesses

Around Facowie Lodge there are many options for dining and supplies, some even just a quick walk, four-wheel, or snowmobile away! Most bars and resturants have a vivid up-north culture to them that you cannot find anywhere else!






  • Sportsman's Last Chance - More of a rustic setting but none the less a great place for food and refreshments! And its in walking distance!
  • Trail's End - Just a little ways down the road, Trail's End is the place to be on those Friday and Saturday nights!
  • VRT - No place in the area has more culture and intrigue! Just a short drive away and even has a golf course!!
  • Voyagaires - A boater and snowmobiling hot-spot! With great food, it is located directly off of Crane Lake!
  • Nelson's - This boating hotspot is right off of the lake and always seems to be full of people!

Although it is recommended that supplies are purchased before arriving at Facowie Lodge because of the price difference, if you are in desperate need of something there are always places that are happy to help you out!



  • Anderson's Outfitter - With everything from canoes to bait, this place is a great spot to get that forgotten fishing gear or equipment!
  • Sportsman's Last Chance - Along with great food and drinks, these guys can suupply you with ice and other beverages for the boat!

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